Bansko Jazz Festival 2014

Wow is all I can say..  An overflow of joy has resided in my soul from our amazing gig at Bansko Jazz Fest 2014

The spirit of Bulgaria is preserved in such a unique collection of picturesque landscapes, quaint villages reminiscent of a Robin Hood film, appreciative smiles and warmth along with soulful exotic sounds smells and tastes...

The lack of modernization leaves one to feel strangely intrigued by the simplicity.  Maybe nostalgic would better describe my sentiments.  Children actually playing with one another.  Dancing and grooving to jazz, blues and rock with no exception to age.   Townspeople gather and enjoy one another's company over a coffee or snack!  

Grateful would be an understatement for this lovely experience.., the inspiration alone was worth the extensive sleepless travel and anxiety ridden weeks leading up to my departure... To be in such a place where life happens slowly with pleasure is beautifully foreign but extremely needed to remind me of what it's all about!


A special Thank you to Dr. Iliev for organizing this fabulous international jazz festival and making us feel right at home.  To Marina for all of your attention and love!  A special thank you to the people of Bulgaria and beyond coming from near & far to listen to new sounds!  And of course my lovely friends & bandmates Evan Ubiera, Kaley Puckett, Cody Rahn & Alex Minier.. Wouldn't be possible without y'all!

Want to see more of Bansko?  Thanks to Evan and Valeri for capturing these moments..