The Life of An Artist

I am must I feel blessed from yesterdays fabulous events.  I did stress for a minute on how it would all work but it was amazing...

First be on the lookout for an amazing music video for a new release I was featured on from Brazilian Soul Crew titled "You & Me" shot by non other than Swift (SugarGroove).  

We started off on a natural hike, and boy let me tell we hiked... the things you do for a great shot haha... If you could image, next to the Bronx River Pkwy, there is an amazing little park area which lends the way to scenery you would expect to see upstate. Lush greenery, and wooded areas with wooden bridges crossing over exquisite streams which lends the way to flow right into a waterfall.. yes people a waterfall in Scarsdale!! We rocked the nature vibe and then moved it over to the urban and funky setting of Williamsburg BK where we had to bust out the acting skills!!! Shot right by the water's edge we turned up the heat and let it flow with the help of Perez Massimo & Suma Ka!  And you think that would be the end of the day..

After a stressful ride into NYC finally we got set up and ready for part 2 of my day....The gig

I must say perfoming live is one of the most rewarding pieces of being an artist.. We arrived at the gorgeous Meat Packing new hot spot, The Vinatta Project.. Right in the heart of NYC's trendiest spaciest lies a sexy space with delicious cocktails and tasty treats.  I, along with Jimmy Lopez & Evan Ubiera ROCKED the night away... 

Please stayed to tuned but in the meantime check out Links for all involved...please like their pages!



Perez Massimo

Suma Kaul

Jimmy Lopez

Evan Ubiera

The Vinatta Project