Time is Now

M60 & JeSante


M60 is a young, versatile producer, energetic

and deep to the core.

He brings us his labour of love, Time is Now,

an enigmatic track that is reminiscent of an

excitingly wonderful dream.

Pulsating beats bring the song to life and then

comes alive the sultry voice of Jesante.

Mesmerizing, serenading seductively over the

melodic keys.


Monodeluxe, spins this track with his Radio

Dub playfully stirring up all your senses and

taking you to the dance floor.


J. Axel hits us hard with his remix, hear it in

the core of your heart, stomping, thumping

intensely, relentlessly.

Those Boys went on to recreate a smooth,

immaculate track escalating to a resounding

harmonious yet rich track.